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If there is one thing worse than a hipster guy with an ironic mustache, it is the less talked about subculture of the “artboy.” Ladies, without us even realizing, this sad Art Boy has conned his way into our hearts by portraying himself as a so-called Renaissance man when he’s really a wolf in sheep’s When you’re young and in love, there’s nothing that can stop you from fooling around — even the fact that second period is gonna start in five minutes.

Hooking up at school is a rite of passage, and something that gets endlessly romanticized in television shows and movies. Because they have a weird thing for liking and commenting on Look, when it comes to marriage, I’m not here to discourage anybody shelling out thousands of dollars on a white dress they’ll only wear once, but let’s just talk about the elephant in the room: sex.

Penny Pax - A School Girl By The Pool The other day I decided to dress as a cute little school girl.

Oh and I almost forgot, I decided to do a nice little tease for you before being a naughty girl!

Willow Smith may be five years away from getting her learners’ permit, but she’s already savvy in the ways of the media. Willow has Instagrammed pictures of Odd Future releases before, but this is certainly new.

She first emerged with a tween-appropriate squeaky-clean song about swinging her (now non-existent! As concerned parents, the Smiths are probably well aware of Tyler’s… But then, on the other hand, Tyler is, more or less, still a kid.

What’s the oldest and youngest person you think you could relate to?

I bet you’re gonna enjoy my little trip to Memory Lane just as much as I did!

I know most of you aren’t yet that incredibly ancient, but when you are, you won’t be hanging out with 11-year-olds, not unless you’re babysitting them. I hope to goodness that Tyler doesn’t see Willow as anything but a cool little sister, but even so, he clearly knows she’s smitten and is hanging out with her anyway.



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