Who was david beckham dating before victoria

Love you x.” Victoria also paid tribute to her husband by sharing a picture from their wedding day.When Victoria Beckham met her husband David almost 20 years ago, it really was "love at first sight."The former Spice Girl slash designer wrote an open letter to herteenage self in which she reflects on her initial encounter with the footballer and, yes, it's super-duper cute.Having joked previously that Victoria picked him out from a football sticker book and he chose her from the telly, David said, ‘I am not sure that is true on her part because she was never into football but at that time everyone had their favourite Spice Girl and I remember seeing her on the telly wearing a black cat suit… David Beckham has vowed to seek revenge on his wife Victoria after she embarrassed him on Instagram.


This particular time I had this bright blue BMW that I spent my whole pay packet on… we used to sit in the Harvester car park and we kissed, of course…’ On the strength of his marriage… We stay together because we love each other and have four amazing children.’ His wedding regrets… DB and VB are not only good pals with Elton John, he is also the godfather to their children.

Madison recently split from her boyfriend Jack Gilinsky after he allegedly branded her a "f*****g s**t" in a leaked audio clip.

Speaking out on Twitter, the brunette beauty said she stayed with Jack to "fix him".

The fashion designer, 43, shared a video of her husband wearing a cowboy hat while swinging around on a gymnastics hoop – but he was far from impressed.

The short clip, which also shows him struggling to flip himself up onto a trapeze, featured the theme from the Indiana Jones film franchise.

Before David Beckham modeled H&M underwear for all the world to see, he modeled a "really small" bathing suit just for Victoria Beckham's eyes!



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