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God bless, he’s got an amazing attitude — he’s a fighter. ” [Laughs.] Then I say, “This is actually getting creepy because you kind of look like my dad in a way.” And he says, “We’re probably cousins — they screwed up your name coming in!

“On the 26th of June, 1966, I got married—that’s 49 years ago—I had black hair then and he had black skin, and our marriage was against the law in the United States of America in 17 states. I've always been in love with whatever I was up to because I think it's a job requirement, and I've had some wonderful times. I wanted to do all the games there were to play: radio and television and films and the theatre and the musical theatre, so I've been extremely fortunate.”“Everybody loves David [Hyde Pierce]. Daly came from an acting clan: Her mother Hope Newell was a character actress while her father James Daly became known for his extensive stage and Emmy-winning television work.

Honestly, we’re all still just wrapping our heads around it. My biggest worry is — and [series creator] Barbara [Hall] and I have talked about this — what does this do to the show? He’s had surgery, two or three pins, and it’s hard, but it’s interesting.

How can we compete with what has now become the most fantastical news? There’s not a lot you can do until that surgery heals, until the bone really takes to the screws. ” I said, “Pantaleoni — it means ‘lion at bay.’ I don’t know what happened to you coming through Ellis Island, but that ain’t a name!

Career and Net Worth Tim Daly career started off when he was merely seven years of age.

He appeared in Jenny Kissed Me with his parents and sisters.

‘s Tim Daly is updating his fans after reports surfaced that he broke both his legs in a ski accident.

Turns out the 60-year-old actor broke his right ankle and left knee in the accident, but he assures fans he is doing okay!

He then got admitted at the Bennington College and studied Theatre and Literature there.Caption: Tim Daly left and his girlfriend (right) Tea Leoni attending red carpet event for white house event in 2015.



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