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Mellon said the initial failure had left her questioning what the “next generation” of luxury looked like and she realised that while the process of making the shoes was the same, the way to distribute and sell them had changed.

Tamara Mellon took a Malaysian cobbler named Jimmy Choo and turned his shoes into a 0 million brand that has made her, at 37, one of the U. Tracing her progress from Swiss finishing school to “It girl” excess, rehab, and beyond, Evgenia Peretz discovers how Mellon’s marriage to an American banking scion plunged her into a hideous divorce and is now testing every ounce of her high-heeled courage.

With the exception of an adorable daughter, all Tamara got from her American prince was trouble: coke binges, week-long disappearances, and a divorce lawyer nicknamed “Jaws,” determined to take a major bite out of her fortune.

, first partnered with a bespoke London shoemaker named Jimmy Choo in what would prove to become a watershed moment in the history of footwear, transforming every woman’s love affair with expensive stilettos into the creation of a global empire.

Here, the namesake designer shares a few of her perfect pairings with Spy.

First date with boyfriend, Mike Ovitz: “I was wearing my favorite pair of shoes I ever designed for Jimmy Choo, the lace-up black style with jeans rolled up.

In 2001, Choo sold his 51 percent stake in the business. Over the last several years, Mellon has driven not only the growth of the brand, overseeing collaborations with H&M, Hunter, and Ugg, among others, but also its creative development, and took an active role in the design aspects of Jimmy Choo’s shoe and accessories lines, as well as forays into new areas, including the launch of a fragrance.

Despite the success of the Jimmy Choo brand, there have been some bumps along the way.


Her decision, she said, came after she was left “burnt out” by a string of private equity deals that left the company focused on cutting costs.I had them in the mid-’80s, and they were my first real pair of fashion, grown-up, sexy shoes.



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