Who is jon bon jovi dating now

I’m bent over and she has to sniff my butt like a dog. She told me later this wasn’t the first butt she had to sniff for the show.

IN rock ‘n’ roll, few men have managed to juggle their private and public lives the way Jon Bon Jovi has. She just looked at me and said to me, “You’ve snapped. What made me want to write it was a “60 Minutes” piece about two childhood friends – one Palestinian the other Jewish who were always best buddies. • The star has a very interesting racial cocktail going for him, his name does give you a few hints, but here is what he is really about.His father is Italian, from Sciacca, Sicily with a little bit of Slovak blood mixed in there and his mother is of Russian descent.Post: Why don’t you ever speak about your home life?

Bon Jovi: I never talk about it because nobody ever asks. Post: Your marriage to Dorothea is one of the most successful in rock ‘n’ roll. Bon Jovi: It’s hard work, but my wife makes it easier. Bon Jovi: She’s a karate instructor and incredibly independent. The band was originally going to be named Johnny Electric until a friend suggested that they follow the likes of Van Halen and take their leader’s last name.



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