Who is calista flockhart dating

Harrison Ford, Calista Flockhart and almost 11-year-old Liam were seen getting ready to fly out of Santa Monica, Calif. All three wore caps and carried their bags on board. View Slideshow »» View All Photos »» Calista Flockhart, Harrison Ford and 10-year-old Liam went to a Halloween party in Brentwood, Calif. The couple both had on big hair wigs, zebra-print pants and overall looked fantastic as 80’s rockers. Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart were on hand to cheer on her 9-year-old son Liam‘s soccer team in Santa Monica, California today (December 4). The reality star dad is out of the hospital and back home with his family after a dirt bike accident earlier this month. Harrison Ford, 67, and his 9-year-old son Liam, whom he “inherited” when he fell in love with the boy’s mother, Calista Flockhart, 45, were spotted hanging out at a Brentwood park on Friday (April 23). Actress Calista Flockhart and her 10-year-old son Liam enjoyed a lunch date at the Brentwood Country Mart in sunny California yesterday (February 20).

Today, when we meet for lunch at the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Knightsbridge, the man famed for spray-on leathers is wearing disappointingly loose jeans and a tight purple T-shirt, unbuttoned to reveal greying chest hair.Supposedly Hollywood marriages are even tougher to maintain than the unions of regular people.



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