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Moreover, if you have added a few custom or unknown repositories, check the urmi.removemedia command to see how to clear the repositories list.

urpmi.removemedia After using the repositories for a while, it's possible to dislike one of them because of the software it's offering or the low connection it's on.

Nevertheless, Mandrake's effort at making RPMs more digestible and pleasant to use deserves praise.

Here is a quick rundown on the purpose of urpmi, its commands and functions. Firstly, it checks whether the relevant package has been installed.

It also allows easier and more extensive package queries, automated updates and more.

lists all packages which should be installed rather than upgraded.

Nowadays, every modern Linux distribution has its own package manager, either specific or borrowed, it doesn't matter. Just like Fedora has yum and Ubuntu has apt-get, Mandriva has URPMI.


It wraps around the package manager rpm with the aim that the user should not have to suffer the often-encountered dependency hell.UPDATING your URPMI-SOURCES A few pages ago I told you about adding your urpmi-sources. From time to time you have to update your urpmi-sources because packages on those mirrors will change and you will no longer be able to use this clever install utility. It is preconfigured to exclude all kernel RPMs, to prevent overwriting a running kernel and thus possibly crippling your system. When you’ve installed your system from CDs, these will most likely already be indexed by will check if this package is available and either download it (if it’s on a remote resource) or prompt you for the removable medium the package is on or simply install it from the hard disk.

If the package needs other packages, always upgrades if it finds an newer version of the package than the one currently installed. when you need two different versions of the same program library.

Secondly, it determines whether the package exists in the database of installable packages.



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