Updating tf2 server

After I bought my server today When I tryed to join It said that the server was running a earlier version of the game than I was.

I am just wondering why it said this and do i have to update my server?

From my small experience of running tf2 servers I remember that you would need to reboot the server for it to kick off updates.

Assuming you use the standard srcds_run Linux script, it should restart within 10 seconds.


Basic installation and configuration for a Linux dedicated server is the same for all distributions, but small details, such as package names, directories, etc. It is recommended that you check your distribution's repositories for the required packages before continuing.1.74% of existing Steam accounts are currently VAC banned. I LOVED this server until he made it a 3 year old kids party called "nubs azzhowe land teeheehee"... could someone from the staff plz help or like force me to spawn as I do like this sever and it would be a let down if this didn't get fixed. Everyone who comes to this page must try out the server.We have recently made a new bot and checked all the Steam IDs created since Steam release.


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