Updating 4 2 version on iphone 3gs Chat japanese adult


The first would be to simply to a hard backup – this is where you take a backup of your entire i Phone, i Pod Touch or i Pad (through i Tunes) and then restore it back to your i Device once you have restored to the official i OS 5 firmware.

YES, you will need to restore to i OS 5 rather than upgrading (because this avoids errors in the long run).


i Phone 4 users who already have i OS 7 will still have access to You Tube, but those who never upgraded will be out of luck because Apple now only offers i OS 8, which is not supported on the i Phone 4.

i OS 6.1.6 (The latest version of i OS available for the i Phone 3GS) does not support the latest version of Facebook from the App Store.



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