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The query cache is used to store the result set of a query made against the database.The key of the query cache contains the query string itself and any bind parameters passed with the query.Cacheable Result [email protected] value: [5872026465492992, 1] Jdbc Transaction - committed JDBC Connection ------------------------------------------------------------ Query Cache Test - Check get entity is cached Jdbc Transaction - committed JDBC Connection ------------------------------------------------------------ Query Cache Test - Check query is cached Standard Query Cache - Checking cached query results in region: org.hibernate.cache.internal.Standard Query Cache Standard Query Cache - Checking query spaces are up-to-date: [Post] Ehcache General Data Region - key: Post Update Timestamps Cache - [Post] last update timestamp: 5872026465406976, result set timestamp: 5872026465492992 Standard Query Cache - Returning cached query results Jdbc Transaction - committed JDBC Connection If you enjoy reading this article, you might want to subscribe to my newsletter and get a discount for my book as well.There is also a second level cache that is shared across sessions.The second level cache is divided into regions of four types: entity, collection, query, and timestamp.When trying to get more of our persistence layer we performed some tests with the query cache to be able to decide if it is worth using for us.We were puzzled by the behaviour in our test case: Despite everything configured properly we never had any cache hits into our query cache using the following query-sequence: would be a cache hit but in our case it was not.


The Query Cache is read-through and like the NONSTRICT_READ_WRITE concurrency startegy, it can only invalidate stale entries.So we dived into the source of the used hibernate release (the 3.3.1 bundled with grails 1.3.5) and browsed the hibernate issue tracker.We found the issue and correlated it to the issues HHH-3339 and HHH-5210.Entity and collection regions cache the data from entities and relationships (but not the entities themselves).

The query and timestamp caches are related and the subject of our focus here.Hibernate is a very sophisticated OR-Mapper and as such has some overhead for certain usage patterns or raw queries.



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