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Covering the main aspects of ante-natal care during your twin pregnancy, antenatal tests and screening, what to expect at your first antenatal appointment, common concerns in multiple pregnancies and general health and fitness advice.

When youre pregnant with twins, triplets or more, you should receive more than the standard 7-10 antenatal appointments and the two ultrasound scans arranged for single pregnancies. it is usual to be referred to a consultant for antenatal care. most women having twins will be asked to attend the consultants clinic for a monthly check-up.

With monochorionic twins, the sonographer looks for differences in growth (growth discordancy) and increased nuchal translucency measurements—a discrepancy may indicate Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS).

They will also look at where the umbilical cords joins the placenta (placental insertions), and will identify the membrane and compare sac sizes.

And I wasn't expecting them to tell me if my baby had anencephaly until 16 weeks anyway.

And she started getting quite aggressive towards me and kind of in her, the way she was talking to me, and I kind of got a bit upset about this and said, 'Look, you know, I want you to do an internal scan, and if you can't see the baby properly I'm happy for you to do that. And my mum wasn't actually in the room at the time because you, they only, the hospital only allow you to have one person in the room with you at the time.

If you are diagnosed as carrying monochorionic (MC) twins, whether they have two separate amniotic sacs (diamniotic) or share one sac (monoamniotic), your pregnancy will be considered as high-risk, and you can expect to have more frequent scans.


We try to answer some of the first questions expectant multiple birth parents& ;ask about ante-natal treatment are care for twins and multiple pregnancy.

You will require more frequent ultrasound scans during a multiple pregnancy, and although the same range of screening and diagnostic tests are available, they have different considerations when applied to more than one baby!


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