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Trisha Cardoso is leaving Showtime after a six-year stint as head of communications to become President and Chief Giving Officer of the Chuck Lorre Family Foundation.

She will be succeeded by Johanna Fuentes who has been promoted to EVP Corporate Communications.

) is leaving the company at the end of June to become president and chief giving officer of the Chuck Lorre Family Foundation.

She will be replaced in the premium cable channel role by Johanna Fuentes (), who has been promoted to executive vice president and is moving out west for the job. On the job, she spearheaded the launch of the “Twin Peaks” revival, as well as those for “Homeland,” “Billions,” “Ray Donovan” and “The Affair.” Cardoso also led several successful Emmy and Golden Globes “For Your Consideration” campaigns.

With her extensive and diverse experience, she is perfectly positioned to drive our communications strategy forward as our business grows into the future.” Fuentes has been a driving force in setting Showtime’s digital communications strategies as well as business-focused ratings, distribution and analytics matters.

From there, I had a career I had never even dreamt of—or thought about—in PR.

Her exceptional skills and generosity of spirit will serve the Chuck Lorre Family Foundation very well.” Cardoso has served as a board member of the Chuck Lorre Family Foundation for the past two years.

The “Two and a Half Men” creator’s charity funds organizations in the areas of education, health and the arts, with a focus on Los Angeles.

She’s leaving to become president and chief giving officer of the Chuck Lorre Family Foundation, where she will lead philanthropic efforts and partnership programs focused on health education and the arts.

Nevins credited Cardoso as an instrumental player “in helping shape the modern face of ” during a period of rapid growth for the premium service.It's like having your own private networking lunch, minus all the time, money, and excess bread-basket calories.


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