Teaching teenagers dating violence contact no credit card dating site

Many programs also create hotlines through which teens can report abuse or seek assistance.

Key Partnerships Usually operated through a partnership with a group that assists victims of domestic violence or an agency that serves youth, the school-based programs rely on trained youth who counsel peers, operate hotlines, and deliver curriculum lessons in the classroom.

The topics will be different; please see Prevention vs. While there is a widespread pattern to educate males and females equally in coed formats, the research indicates that this is not efficacious (Hong, 2000; Lewis & Fremouw, 2000).


The education starts early on in helping boys get a different understanding of what it means to be a male,” says Vargas.Otherwise, curriculum may inadvertently encourage self-blame by assuming equal responsibility, especially if sexual assault components are included in the program.In order to avoid this, Hong suggests intervening specifically with young men, at an age when self-identity is frequently being pushed towards traditional assumptions of masculinity.We teach our children from a young age to be kind to one another.


Hitting isn’t nice, calling someone names isn’t kind, and sharing is caring.

This strategy trains youth to prevent dating violence.



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