Steffi graf andre agassi dating


What he mustn’t do is retreat behind the baseline in the way he used to do.His improved court positioning is what has taken him to the top of the world.Beating a guy ranked No 135 in the world in three sets is one thing, but how will your man cope if he gets drawn into a long five-setter against one of the big guns later in the tournament?Murray has got to where he is by running down every ball and chasing down every apparently lost cause.Andy Murray’s tennis was as stunning as ever in his opening match against Alexander Bublik and mentally he coped superbly with all the pressures of opening the tournament as the defending champion, but I have worries about whether his fitness will stand the test.Holy mackerel, you would never have guessed he had a problem with the way he chased down some of Bublik’s drop shots and hit winning passing shots on the run.In 2016, the US Open once again earned its reputation as the toughest two weeks in tennis.


The sore hip that has troubled him for the last week or two appeared to be troubling him again and there were times when he seemed to be limping.

1, having fended off an ascendant Karolina Pliskova – who topped Venus Williams in the fourth round and Serena in the semifinals – in a stirring three-set final.


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