Shoujo ai dating

Nothing much going on in this anime other than Mayu interacting with her friends without saying a word.

While it’s typical slice of life, most of the jokes revolve around them getting way too close with some blushing on the side. ” Shinobu did a homestay in Great Britain when she was younger and developed a fetish for blondes, and an obsession on anything Western culture, despite her difficulty learning English. ” With Shinobu’s friend coming, things will start get interesting as she learns English…



All she wants to do is prove girls can play soccer. The girl are working hard at cleaning up the house, but they put it on pause to play Doctor--in a completely innocent way, of course. Life really throws him a curve when he aids the Sailor Senshi, only to be locked in girlform forever. Ranma is given an offer to cure his curse by the infamous Wiseman.

The term “Shoujo-Ai” is never used in Japan as a type of category of anime. But in the West, it categorizes anime that tells non-sexual relationships between girls, or simply used to categorize anime with girls love, be it subtext or not.


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