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The simple revision proposed in the letter would ensure that federal law does not inadvertently interfere with the prosecution of sex trafficking and other serious crimes by state and local law enforcement. Officer Michael was fatally shot while performing a routine traffic stop on Sunday, August 6. The Division of Probation and Parole supervises felony offenders ordered to probation by the courts or offenders released by the Parole Board from confinement in the Division of Adult Institutions by means of parole or conditional release.It is also known as the transition between the Eastern and Western United States. Major industries include aerospace, food processing, chemicals and agricultural manufacturing.Missouri produces massive amounts of soybeans, hogs and cattle.The Parole Board also conducts investigations and provides information to the governor on all applications for pardons, commutations of sentence, reprieves or restorations of citizenship.The Administrative Services Section consists of the Division's Fiscal Management Unit, Personnel Unit, Central Supply Unit and Central Office Support Unit.It also has vast quantities of limestone and produces the most lead of all the states.The Missouri State Highway Patrol contains the Criminal Justice Information Services Division which is the central repository for all fingerprint-based criminal record information for the state.



We have quickly established ourselves as the leading college and university foodservice partner in the industry, and were twice named the Fastest Growing Brand by Nations Restaurant News.

While we reflect on a proud past, we keep a keen eye on what is yet to come, especially in the areas of culinary development and nutrition.


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