Sedating koi

if you see a reaction just put it back into untreated water and it will soon come round again.

Kusuri Masuizai – Koi Sedate is used for the sedation of fish, reducing fish stress levels and calming fish so minor surgical procedures or mucus scrapes can be taken to identify parasites.

Andy If the wound is cleaned thoroughly etc and then sealed you should not need to be messing with it thereafter as you need to give things a chance to heal and skin over.. Dave If things are moving forward then stick with what you are comfortable with Andy.. skimmer changed to gravity fed, to sieve, superfish 3500lth dry mounted to 25w UV feeding into 1000lt anoxic filter with gravity return.

Hopefully when we have this weekend out the way then we will see a consistent rise in temps and things will then only get easier.. easy pod on bottom drain with added extra homemade bio chamber. soon to be added 1gram ozone set up running at 350mv.

Using Kusuri Masuizai Koi Sedate sedation is still deep enough to perform minor procedures, such as ulcer cleaning and scale removal.

[/quote] If you put the clove oil in a bottle with some pond water and shake it up then add it to the bowl, you will find that it mixes better[;)] John yes its just clove oil.

I use 1 drop per 2 ltrs and as John says put it in a bottle or test tube with a little water and shake it.

Dave If you have to sedate a koi many times it is worth reducing the amount of sedative you use, it is surprising how little you can get away with, although it does depend on the koi as each one is different.

i was looking for a sedative, my local dealer as nt labs koi calm, but i noticed it needs to be used up by 6 weeks after opening the bottle, which i think is a waste of time as it will only be needed once in a while.

Place fish in bowl until it rolls onto its side (normally 2-3 minutes).


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