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When dealing with a non-jailbroken device, you simply use i Tunes to backup your apps and reinstall them from there if anything goes wrong with your upgrade.

While that same mechanism works for normal apps on a jailbroken i Phone or i Pad, it doesn’t help you at all when it comes to your jailbreak apps and all the tweaks you have applied—those apps and settings are wiped away when you upgrade to the new version of i OS.

If you drag your feet between i OS upgrades because you don’t want to have to reinstall all your awesome Jailbreak apps, custom tweaks, and fiddle with all the default settings, then follow along as we show you how to easily backup and restore everything for easy i OS upgrading.

Those who jailbreak their i OS devices have a variety of extra hassles to deal with when it comes to upgrading their i OS version.

Even if you apply the new jailbreak for the new version of i OS you upgraded to, the jailbreak apps and their settings are gone for good.

By following along with this tutorial you will be able to preserve your jailbreak apps and settings between i OS versions and save yourself a hug amount of time and hassle in the process.

This article will help you avoid disaster in these situations by giving you a complete guide to back-up your jailbroken device.

In order to backup jailbreak apps, you can try to use - i OS Data Backup & Restore, a powerful and easy-to-use program enable you to easily backup you i Phone app and its data.

After you purchase and install the tweak, it will appear on your home screen as an app icon.IBTimes UK reminds readers that it will not be held liable for any issues arising out of using the PKGBackup app or its consequences.


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