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The New York Post says that NBC will be sending a statement making the big news about Guthrie “sometime during the day, after the show has aired.” The tabloid also claims that Guthrie’s promotion was approved by “every high-level executive at NBC.” Despite becoming the new co-anchor at “Today,” she will remain NBC’s chief legal analyst.Earlier this week there was speculation that veteran journalist Natalie Morales was going to tell the "Today" show to take a hike if she was not offered the co-host gig with Matt Lauer.And if I have this baby the old-fashioned way, that’s cool too.” And it looks like everything turned out perfectly!


The Today show cohost, who is already mom of 2-year-old daughter Vale, announced her second child's gender on the NBC morning show with a huge production as an airplane flew over Studio 1A with an "It's a Boy!

Born as he couple’s only child, she got all the love and care from her parents that she could possibly have.

When she was 2 years of age, her parents moved back to the United States of America and settled down in Tucson of Arizona.

She graduated from Amphitheater High School in Tucson.


Guthrie received her undergraduate degree in the field of journalism from the University of Arizona.

“Poor Savannah – she loves wearing high heels, and Matt didn’t mind that when she substituted in the past, but he’s not happy with her height now that she’s standing beside him every day,” a source said.


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