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The IPCC report, however, said: ‘Barriers to large‐scale deployment of CCS technologies include concerns about the operational safety and long‐term integrity of CO2 storage as well as transport risks.’ Carbon capture and storage (CCS) has not yet been applied to scale and many barriers remain.Pictured is a Vattenfall employee at the carbon dioxide capture and storage facility in Schwarze Pumpe, Brandenburg, Germany In 2010, a study by Duke University found that leaks from carbon dioxide injected deep underground could bubble up into drinking water aquifers near the surface, driving up levels of contaminants in the water ten-fold.'Storing carbon dioxide underground is new and leaks are certainly possible – we will need to put careful monitoring in place to make sure they aren’t happening,' said Jane Burston, Head of the Centre for Carbon Measurement.'These could turn into legal issues if different companies put their carbon dioxide into the same pipeline or store, as you would need to know whose supply was impure in order to know who should pay for the consequences.'The IPCC report, published yesterday in Berlin, said shale gas may provide electricity and heat for our homes long beyond current targets if scientists can safely develop an emerging technology that traps carbon dioxide and stores it underground.

The different isotopes of carbon do not differ appreciably in their chemical properties.

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