Ryan seacrest dating anderson cooper

The 42-year-old host was grilled by his co-host on Wednesday's Live With Kelly and Ryan! "' Seacrest jokingly replied about the casual way she asked such a personal question.

, about whether he had ever been engaged.'So, let me ask you a question,' began Kelly, before dropping: 'Have you ever been engaged? The American Idol host revealed that he had never been engaged but did confess he had been close to asking someone - but did not reveal who.

And now Cohen was one of the first celebs saluting Seacrest on his first day. #Live Kelly Ryan,” the “Watch What Happens Live” host tweeted.

Bethenny Frankel commented, “Now THAT is a powerhouse combo @Ryan Seacrest @Kelly Ripa That other stuff was a dress rehearsal.

She previously surprised former co-host Michael Strahan by making digs about his divorce, live on air.



There was also much speculation about who would replace him.

Among the names bandied about was Andy Cohen, one of Ripa’s best friends.



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