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The back end of many popular graphing programs like Cacti, Smoke Ping, MRTG, Nagios, Zenoss, collectd, Astaro, Nmon and others are based on RRDtool.If you would prefer to make your own solution learning RRDtool is the way to go.


At the University of Wisconsin at Madison, the central IT department is responsible for the majority of the campus network infrastructure which consists of approximatly 30 routers, 2,000 switches and 1,500 wireless access points.Previously the official supported database was My SQl under RHEL/Cent OS 6.x/5.x and Fedora.Recently, Red Hat makes a new transaction from My SQl to Maria DB, as Maria DB is the default implementation of My SQL in RHEL/Cent OS 7.x and Fedora 19 onwards..RRDtool (acronym for round-robin database tool) correlates time-series data like network bandwidth, temperatures, CPU load or any other data type.


Data is stored in a round-robin database (circular buffer) which allows the system storage footprint to remain constant over time.The database will always have the same amount of data points throughout its lifetime.



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