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So it is a little odd, to say the least, that he is now saying that rabbis *shouldn’t* speak out on public issues.This piece is deeply wrong, but it is wrong in interesting ways: 1) As alluded to above, Rabbi Wolpe doesn’t believe it himself.My mother was a music teacher and my father was a decorated Korean War vet who eventually became a police officer and state trooper.Due to post-traumatic stress and police work, my father could become very angry.Special thanks to Marc Gold of 24KT Sound & Video, Maury Gomberg of Video Services Unlimited, and Larry Estrin of Eugene Photography for their high-quality video and photographic productions.

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He very loudly attacked the Iran Deal two years ago, even though it was more of a technical issue far outside rabbinic competence (unfortunately revealed by his comments).


He has given sermons on, for example, whether a mosque should be built near the 9/11 site.

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