Penn reel dating


Dating Penn reels is sometimes difficult for me because Penn didn't use any coding system like some other mfgr's.

I just had the opportunity to learn some things after I purchased what I thought was an older 155 than the one I already had.

Penn Baitcasting Reels Penn International Baitcasting Reels have long been a favorite of many anglers; Penn designed them to handle any size fish that comes their way.




The sixth generation Penn Internationals are lighter, have a silent anti-reverse, large, contoured handle, and an adjustable strike stop to tailor drag settings to the line or situation.

I have even found my wife having a sneak peek and even commenting on the beautiful reels. Not so if the Abulon Extra Top Hook Fishing line was used and most especially today with such an array of ultra fine and strong braids and gel spun lines available to choose from. I consider the book to be a work of art and even people who have had 50 years or more experience with ABU, can learn a lot from the authors research.


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