Passive agressive behavior in dating a woman


It is crazy-making, burdensome, and a sure-fire relationship killer. It’s not really a game as much as an exercise in frustration. If you are behaving passive-aggressively or someone you know is doing so, it is anything but fun.Or this part of him may be angry at you for things you said that hurt him.However, he doesn't feel that he has any right to feel this way, so it all goes underground out of his consciousness.Lead by example: Take responsibility for your own actions.


Rather than dealing with or expressing thoughts and emotions (like anger) you go silent.

He acts in seemingly agreeable ways, but he adds a little mean twist to his behavior that frustrates you.

For example, you ask him to do something for the house that needs to happen by a certain date.

Response Passive-aggressive communication seeks to control the emotions of others and thereby, control their behavior.

Typically, this communication style seeks to express anger in an indirect manner.

Imagine a ball game in which the primary strategy is to toss a ball to your opponent simply so you can avoid dealing with it. At its core, passive-aggressive behavior is anger and the fear of expressing it.


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