Park han byul and se7en dating


d on screen chemistry really make smile n my heart flutter.. Hope to see u act in more drama with Jang eun woo (dol do hyeon) u two look good together.. The fact that he even said it was enough to give any person serious concern. There are some things you just dont say, no matter what. What he said was beyond dark, it was highly disturbed and showed a lack of basic moral fiber.


He then released his debut album Just Listen on March 8, 2003. someone asked if they should play a joke in a airport and i was like "you should already know there is no playing around in there" So this kid got jailed not for a comment but for being criminally dumb lol *I* would never be in that person's situation because I would never even think to say something that messed up. there are some things that people should just know not to do or say.And the reality of it, is that SE7EN was *not* married at the time of it either. Kpop stars act like their fans say jailworthy things and are such dark and twisted people. For once I can say, the reaction to what this person said was not overstated even a little bit.

Okay, it was a BAD idea ; and PARK HAN BYUL deserved better ; fair enough. what about communitry ranking of Krevice the troll? This is the only case in which words should be treated as harmful.Los MC's, junto con los invitados, deben completar misiones para ganar la carrera.


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