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Authorities said the man has done nothing legally wrong, but they just want to speak with him Visciglia said when she gets off from work she runs to her car now.

Brandt said the man has done nothing legally wrong, but they want to speak with him to try and understand his behavior.


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An anonymous complaint which was filed with the sheriff's office two days ago says the man was tying pantyhose to Houligan's employee vehicles in the parking lot at the Palm Coast location. We don't know if it's somebody traveling through town and stops in areas and does this,' Brandt said.'It did happen over multiple days, so, we think it's probably somebody in this area.'The report also said the same man followed employees from the Home Depot parking lot.

'(An employee) saw a man in women's clothing and (when) she came out to her car she had the women's clothing he was wearing on her car,' Michelle Visciglia, who works at Ruby Tuesday next door, told the television station.Phone chat enthusiasts enjoy a wide range of niche offerings and the good new is they no longer need to use their credit card to access the service.


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