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Little did I imagine as she gazed intently into my eyes with all the innocence and wonder of a newborn child that she would die that night.

She was never ill before receiving the Hepatitis B shot that afternoon. Most doctors I spoke to at the time said it must have been Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), a catch-all diagnosis for unexplainable childhood mortality.

Along with the increase in number has come a growing wave of concern among parents about the unintended side effects of vaccines. Largent explains the history of the debate and identifies issues that parents, pediatricians, politicians, and public health officials must address.

Nearly 40% of American parents report that they delay or refuse a recommended vaccine for their children.

In November 1989, IOM established the Committee to Review the Adverse Consequences of Pertussis and Rubella Vaccines.

Pertussis vaccines— Side effects— Congresses. The Institute of Medicine (IOM) was specifically asked to conduct this review, and funds coordinated by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases were made available for this purpose in September 1989.

At her final feeding that night, she was agitated and feisty -- and then fell asleep and didn't wake up. The first instinctive reaction in such a situation is for parents to blame themselves.


To restore access and understand how to better interact with our site to avoid this in the future, please have your system administrator contact [email protected] assurances from every mainstream scientific and medical institution, parents continue to be haunted by the question of whether vaccines cause autism.In response, health officials herald vaccines as both safe and vital to the public's health and put programs and regulations in place to encourage parents to follow the recommended vaccine schedule.Despite the growing evidence that low sodium causes more harm than high sodium, and using unprocessed salt has more benefits than commercial processed table salt, the mostly unsubstantiated belief that salt needs to be demonized persists.


The revelations of good science are continually crushed by the pressures of public health policy. Kendrick explains that the low sodium diets seem to forget that salt is composed of two molecules, salt (Na) and chloride (Cl).

Be sure to watch the Special 10-minute Video Presentation on the hepatitis B vaccine, and read the most recent reader emails as well, which include numerous vaccine questions, comments, concerns, and unsolicited personal stories.


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