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Erica Cerra, who plays Jo, the town’s intense deputy sheriff, on the series, was naturally taken aback by the news.“I read a few tweets made by Salli [Richardson-Whitfield] and Colin [Ferguson] about ‘hearing the news’ so, I did what any woman would do. ’” Cerra tells about how she heard about the cancelation.That’s one of things that I get so many compliments on by a lot of the fans.They love seeing a strong woman on television, they respect my character, I inspire them. I think it’s great that women out there, they can be tough and now there’s a more sensitive side to Jo and they know they can be sensitive, as well. At the beginning, Jo doesn’t hide her dislike of Carter. Sciatica can be difficult, otherwise I have been very fortunate," she explained."Ultrasounds are probably my favorite - being able to see my little one.Initially she feels that he shouldn’t be there, and she’s unhappy that she’s been passed over [for the sheriff position].

Yeah, I think it’s important and I love playing the strong woman.This surprised everyone, most of all Deputy Jo Lupo, who ended up falling in love with Zane.


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    In October 2016, Pullman gave a mini update on how the project was going along: producer Julie Gardner and Jane Tranter from production company Bad Wolf will also develop the drama, while Toby Emmerich and Carolyn Blackwood of New Line Cinema, Bethan Jones for BBC One, and Deborah Forte for Scholastic will act as executive producers on the show.

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    Big Brother 12 was the twelfth season of the American reality television series Big Brother.

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    The person(s) with the most votes leaves the mansion.

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