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Last month, the Supreme Court of Canada dismissed an application by the Crown to restore the conviction, and a cross-appeal seeking an acquittal.Court documents indicate the retrial is expected to last up to 65 days — the same length as the original trial.2014 Container collection rates[4] Aluminum Cans : 80% Non‐Refillable Glass : 72% PET Bottles : 71% Other Plastics : 57% Bi‐Metal : ­ Gable/Tetra Pak : 124% Other : 11% TOTAL Non‐Refillables : 73% Refillable Beer : 97% TOTAL CONTAINERS : 76% As of February 2008, approximately 86% of NB Residents have access to recycling programs within their community.approximately 30% of New Brunswick's population have access to multi-material curbside recycling, 55% have access to some form of curbside recycling programs, and 10 out of the 12 Solid Waste Commissions in NB use the depot system along with other programs.Oland was convicted in 2015, but was released on bail last October when the New Brunswick Court of Appeal ordered a new trial, citing an error in the judge's instructions to the jury.He has repeatedly denied any involvement in his father's death.So, basically each party keeps what they brought into the relationship or bought.



Encorp Atlantic, a grocer/soft drink consortium, was set up to act as the Agent for the bottlers of all non-alcoholic beverages.

Under the Devolution of Estates Act, a common law partner has not rights to the property of the deceased partner should the person pass away without a will.

You may be able to obtain dependants relief under the Provision for Dependants Act, if you can show you were financially dependant on your deceased partner.

Encorp is responsible for reimbursing deposits and collecting, processing and marketing the scrap materials.

Redemption Centres remit their deposits to Encorp and are reimbursed for the refunds.Dennis Oland had told police he was wearing a navy blazer when he visited his father, but witnesses and video evidence showed him wearing a brown Hugo Boss jacket that was later found to have tiny traces of blood and DNA that matched his father's profile.


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