Marg helgenberger william petersen dating

"Now it's really just about Catherine." actor George Eads, who plays Nick Stokes, first hinted that Petersen could reappear on the CBS drama in August.

Showrunner Mendelsohn has also admitted that she is frequently in talks with Petersen regarding a possible return."Every year we go to Billy," she said.

But there's still the matter of Sidle's job in Las Vegas, where she's been promoted to the head of the CSI unit.

The future of Grissom and Sidle is still a mystery as the credits close.

CBS has confirmed on Friday that William Peterson (Gil Grissom), who left in 2009 and Marg Helgenberger (Catherine Willows), who left in 2012, will joining the replacement Ted Danson, Jorja Fox and Eric Szmanda.

As everyone knows that “CSI” is the seventh longest running TV series from America.

In reality, Marg was the wife of Alan Rosenberg in the past. She and her then-husband welcomed a son named Hugh Howard who was named after Marg’s late father.




"[Showrunner] Carol [Mendelsohn] and [exec producer] Don Mc Gill and I had lunch with him to hash it out."But he and his wife had twins who were born prematurely, and that was way too overwhelming for him to deal with."Helgenberger added that Mendelsohn eventually described Petersen's absence as "a blessing"."She didn't want [my final] episodes to be more about Grissom's return, which it would have been," said the star.In fact, one of her hashtags included ‘friendsforlife’.


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