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ANAHEIM “Betsy Ross, you guys hear us from the space station?Fourth-grader Tavion Mills got the ball rolling: “I know that there are many terrifying things in space like darkness and no oxygen.While I’d like to think my relationship would have survived nine months apart even if video chat hadn’t been around, there’s no way to know for sure.



He’s my husband now – so it all worked out – but back then we needed to be able to get to know one another in a world that seemed stacked against us.We like to share our data so that everybody on Earth can benefit.” Desiree Serrato, a sixth-grader, said her research taught her that astronauts sometimes suffer eye damage, a flattening to the back of the eyes.Thank goodness it’s the minority of astronauts and nobody in our crew has had these issues yet,” said Kimbrough, who said astronauts do ultrasound images on each other’s eyes about once a month, with the data sent back to Earth for analysis.” Whitson, who last week set a world record for the most spacewalks by a woman, answered: “You’re right.

There are a lot of scary things in space and the way we work around that …we practice what we’re going to do in an emergency.

Kimbrough simply demonstrated: He flipped upside down effortlessly.


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