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While many often tend to downplay instances of harassment, suggesting that these are part of everyday social life, this campaign hopes to highlight the many forms harassment may take in an effort to draw attention to the fact that they are violations.

All SARCC services to individuals are confidential.Helem is an Arabic acronym for Lebanese Protection for the LGBT community, but the Arabic word also means dream.George Azzi, the group's co-ordinator, says the idea first came to life in an internet chat room whose members decided to organise an association and work publicly with the institutions of civil society.Those interested can use the hashtag across various social media platforms in an effort to provide a range of messages around the issue of sexual harassment in Lebanon.

The campaign encourages all members of the public, including members of private sector, public sector, academia, and civil society, to share their messages.One person died by his own hand using a crossbow and another used a vehicle, while two others accidentally died from falling trees in 2016, according to records kept by the Lebanon County coroner. Jeffrey Yocum on Thursday during his annual State of the Coroner Address to the Lebanon County commissioners.



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    Tickets are mailed out the same day the request is received.

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