Keanu reeves amanda de cadenet dating


Tinseltown's most revered and impressive womanizer, though? Perhaps a certain Warren Beatty might dispute that, but for us - it's the star of The Shining that wins out on this every time. Kick back, relax, and enjoy Jacks favorite kind of stroll through memory lane.


Benicio Del Toro and Kimberly Stewart are expecting a child together, but claim they are not romantically involved with each other, reports the UK's Daily Mail.

His best friend, actor River Phoenix, died of a drug overdose in 1993 and his sister Kim, 39, is fighting leukaemia.

Reeves met Jennifer Syme at a party in 1998 and fell in love.

Reeves said he still wanted to get married and have children - but that it would take time.

The 41-year-old's troubles began as a toddler, when his father abandoned his British mother and the family.The ever-cheerful Mark essentially hated his time on the show: "No fun at all; it was a horrible, horrible, repulsive environment to work in, mainly due to the company. just an obnoxious group of people to deal with, and I think that came across in the shows they ended up producing."He went on to host : "I was once hanging out with the most famous people in the world, dating sportsmen and socialising with the trendiest bands.


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