Is benzino and karlie still dating

And the biggest of all was the identity of her secret baby daddy, rumored to be famous fugitive and drug king pen Nathan ‘Nate’ Hill.

In 2012, Karlie finally confessed that he keep secrets too.

Everyone’s fingers immediately pointed to her “BFF” Floyd Mayweather.

But before rumors could get too out of hand, rapper “Mr.

We’ve seen what looks like Prince William releasing a golden shower, Jamie Foxx prepping for a “nude scene,” and Jude Law just trying to enjoy the freedom of being in his birthday suit at his own home.

Yung Berg, 2014 star Hazel-E posted a selfie Berg took holding his junk with the caption: “It’s funny how I wake up & this n*gga on my Dicc!


First his ex-fiancee revealed that The Game her dad because her real one wasn’t around.

Some time later Benzino made his way over to Karlie and a small argument broke out.

Then they say Benzino’s girlfriend made her way over to Karlie and the static began once again.

First they say a screaming match broke out between Benzino’s new girlfriend and Shay Johnson & Tierra Marrie [we think]. Lawd they say Shay & Tierra Marrie [we think] were trying to get in Benzino’s Girlfriend’s a$$ and Momma Dee had to hold them back.

Later on as the evening progressed, Karlie Redd & Erica were seen chatting it up in the corner. Last night Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Benzino and Stevie J held the grand opening for their new restaurant Sleazy & Zino.


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