Ios mail badge not updating

Since buying my i Phone, Apple has released 3 updates and I had not received a single notifcation of these.If I go manually and check for software update, then I can see it.My application successfully registers for push notifications for all 3 types - Badge, Alert and Sound.Phone Settings is set ON for all 3 types of remote notifications for this application.Once you open Mail on the i OS device, the message status will be updated.If you're using i Cloud Mail rules at and have rules to move certain messages to folders when they arrive in your Inbox, those messages will not automatically push to your i Phone, i Pad, or i Pod touch.Although you say you have reset the i Phone three times, and once at an Apple service centre, it's not clear what type of reset was done.


Here is my code blocks: Register for APNs every time app is launched - Device token received almost instantly.Any specific reason why i OS cannot change the icon badge of my app automatically when the notification arrives?


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