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If the central Maven repository contains a source artifact for a particular project, you can download the source from the repository and expose it to the Eclipse environment.When you are trying to debug a complex issue in Eclipse, nothing can be easier than being able to right click on a third-party dependency and drill into the code in the Eclipse debugger.m2eclipse maintains an index of artifacts generated by your Eclipse workspace.This "workspace" repository is shown in Figure 6.10, “Browsing the m2eclipse Workspace Repository” under the Local Repository folder.If that file is not download or not exist due to any reason, Maven's dependency search will not work in Eclipse.That's why you need to check the option "Download repository Index updates on startup".Just uncheck the box to prevent this from happening.

The Maven Repositories view is also intelligent enough to keep track of any repositories that have been added to your project via your Maven Settings, an active Maven Profile, or that have been added directly to a project's POM.

Select this option, and m2eclipse will attempt to download the source artifact from the Maven repository.


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