How saif and kareena started dating Calgary live im sex chat

Saif and Kareena were first spotted together while shooting for Tashan on the streets of Mumbai. Talking about how she fell for Saif, Kareena revealed in an interview: “We were in Ladakh to shoot Tashan. Even though I had met Saif socially, we hadn’t spoken much.


Kareena has also admitted in the report that she had never put so much effort to get into the character but she has to do it now as the role needs it.

One of Bollywood's hottest celebrity couple Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan are now officially man and wife.

But when and how the two met and fell in love, is a story as filmi as their reel lives.

In a recent chat show, Kareena made the shocking revelation when she said, "I do remember that Saif was with his previous girlfriend of that time and I was in another relationship.

But it's so strange that all of us had gone out for dinner together," India Today reported.Kareena and Saif are now proud parents to baby boy, Taimur Ali Khan.


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