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It is usually a cost-efficient and time-saving alternative to the emergency room if you are not experiencing a life-threatening situation.

Our urgent care locations are open for extended hours seven days a week. Our emergency room is equipped to handle the most serious emergency health needs.

Paediatric nurse Paul Stephens, who worked at the James Cook University Hospital in Middlesbrough, posted offensive comments about disabled athletes.

Referring to a sports event on TV he wrote: “Getting mightily f***** off with all these excuses from retarded people we have to call ‘athletes’ for the next 2 weeks.”Mental health nurse Leigh Jennison was struck off after sending sexually explicit messages to a patient with Asperger syndrome while working for Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust.

Calls must originate within one of these three states.

We have many primary care clinics, many of which offer same-day sick appointments when you need to see a provider quickly for non-emergency injuries and illnesses of all kinds.

Even trying to pull something off your sleeves to be able to date your crush which you’ve been eyeing during your shift? These piles of lines might be able to get their serotonin on hype.

Here are 25 nurse pick up lines with a few images to share on social media!

Download and print our Act-Fast Care Guide — it can help you get the care you need faster.Millions of Service Benefit Plan members have reached out to our free 24/7 Nurse Line for advice and guidance on medical symptoms, healthy living, management of chronic conditions, preventive care and more.


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