Gold digger dating


Many young men proactively seek older financially independent women so as to have an easy access to money and power.

And gold digging need not be restricted to a heterosexual relationship.

You can find clues there."Beware of the man who doesn't accept responsibility for his lack of funds or poor credit score.The question is, do you want to date someone who's digging you or digging for gold?A gold digger can be hard to spot with the untrained eye.Usually, he'll blame his problems on another woman or a previous spouse. Asking for a loan is a sign that he may see you as a cash machine rather than a real love interest.


If you fall for that, the next empty bank account could be yours.5. If you suspect this is the case, talk to him about his financial situation.G., a 42-year-old Manhattan-based risk consultant for banks, had no idea he was being played.


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