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The joy of helping singles and couples move away from “I’m hurting so badly.

I want to be loved, appreciated and respected for who I am” to “Wow!

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Please note: Lesbian Love Talk's focus is education for a general/wide audience.

It’s not therapy, coaching or medical advice specific to you and your life. We also cover some racy topics on this show, so if you are under 18, you must get your parent's permission to listen.

The science behind the label When you’re first connecting with someone, it’s only natural that you’re going to want to spend every single second of the day with her.I discovered along the way that not only was I capable of many things but that there were a whole bunch of interesting lesbian women working around me. One day during a business meeting I looked at the far end of the table and the woman sitting there rang my bell. I walked out of that meeting knowing my life would never be the same.I came out at 45 and the girl in me that I'd repressed for all those years was finally allowed to live, dream and love.After 21 years of a struggling marriage and two children I went to work for a Fortune 500 company.

I took advantage of every opportunity that job afforded me, including being able to finally finish my college degree.However, I didn’t become successful until I was 28.


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