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The mosque’s spokesman Salman Farsi told the : “We’ve raised a complaint with the co-chairs of the event that the group was inciting hatred against Muslims, and in particular [in relation] to our good name, based on absolutely groundless reasons.” “Our track record for challenging homophobia in East London is quite well known.” he added.So somebody is telling porkies.* ‘Pride in London’ (may one no longer have pride in London without…


Or are you looking for a valiant partner with whom you can forget about any danger?O, never mind) has made it known that they will not tolerate this kind of thing: “If anyone taking part in our parade makes someone feel ostracised, discriminated against or humiliated, then they are undermining and breaking the very principles on which we exist.Our code of conduct is very clear on this matter,” a Pride spokesperson said.At the same time, finding that peaceful time to go on a date is not something that most of them can afford.


At least one man has died after a car plunged into a basement flat in Kensington in central London."The police were at the scene almost immediately," he said.


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    If you manage to sustain a working band for any period of time, you’ll sometimes meet people who claim you are obviously influenced by an artist or band that you’ve never heard of.

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    “Russell didn’t want a big fuss this time after his very public relationship with Katy,” a source close to the pair said.

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