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All photos on the site can be copied, modified and distributed (including for commercial purposes) under a custom license (that is essentially the same as a CC0 license), without you having to ask permission or provide attribution. Worldwide, archives and libraries partner with Flickr Commons and contribute their own public domain images.It’s a great resource for finding free public domain images from all over the world, not just from the United States.Easily upload your photos with the Shutterfly app and enjoy unlimited FREE 4x6 and 4x4 prints.In minutes, you can transform moments into creations that are uniquely yours.On the other hand, the “fear of missing out” phenomenon resonates with only a small proportion of the Facebook population.Just 5% of Facebook users strongly dislike the fact that Facebook allows them to see others taking part in social activities that they themselves were not included in—and 84% of users say that this aspect of Facebook life doesn’t bother them at all.

The site that has been described as "Instagram for drones", allows hobbyists to share their geo-referenced aerial photos and videos.

Two weeks ago I found a plastic bag with five newborn kittens in it thrown onto a busy road.

I took them in and cared for them; four eventually got sick and died but this little guy fought for his life!

Museums, libraries and photographers sick of “traditional” stock photos have released thousands of public domain images online, making them more easily available to the public and (yep! In this article, we’ve compiled a list of websites curating free public domain images and high quality stock photography that can be freely used by anyone worldwide.

Wikimedia Commons is one of the largest public domain images resources.Most of images can be used freely, but some of the images have certain restrictions. Please note that Wikimedia Commons Unsplash is made up of a collective of photographers who were sick of “traditional” stock imagery, so they decided to offer their own high-resolution images for free.


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