Franse fatsex

I’m mainly focusing on fat girls in this series, but we’ll be discussing some issues that pertain to the guys too.

As with my last series on fat, with this column I’m not talking about whether or not being fat is healthy or a fun thing to do.

In the video above, I project the aforementioned photos on New York City buildings in major intersections and talk to the people on the street about what they think.

It's not a stretch to say that I've endured my fair share of fat-shaming throughout my life, so I was prepared for laughter, pointing, and gasps. But the support and admiration observers expressed (even before they realized the woman in the pictures was me) was overwhelming.

It examines the intersection of fat, sex and sexuality within a contemporary cultural landscape that is openly hostile towards fat people and their perceived social and aesthetic transgressions.

Acknowledging and engaging with some of the innovative work being done by artists, activists, and academics around the issue of fat sex, this collection both challenges preconceptions regarding fatness and sexuality, but also critiques and debates various aspects of the fat activist approach.

Dans une société où la sexualité est dans tout ce qui nous entoure, elle reste encore particulièrement assez peu abordée voir taboue lorsqu'il s'agit de personnes rondes.

Dans son dernier livre, Fat sex the naked truth ( lien : , Rebecca Weinstein lève le voile sur la sexualité des personnes en surpoids.

A cutting-edge exploration not only of fat sex, but of identity politics, neoliberalism and contemporary body activism in general, Fat Sex: New Directions in Theory and Activism will be of interest to scholars of sociology, cultural studies, geography, porn studies and literary studies working on questions of gender, sexuality and the body.’Fat sex - what a wonderful topic!A travers une narration plaisante et divertissante, on découvre plusieurs histoires vraies recueillies par l’auteure.


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