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Share Point My Sites are commonly referred to as “Facebook for the enterprise” and are personal site collections providing each user with the ability to store private and public information such as documents, pictures, status updates, etc easily and efficiently.

My Sites in Share Point 2010 takes social enterprise computing to the next level and builds upon what we have come to love in previous versions.

Public URL: Specify the URL that users will type to access their My Sites.

Application Pool: Create a new application pool and give it a descriptive name As we have been utilizing the least privilege model whilst configuring our Share Point farm in this series, we will click on Register a new managed account and enter the details for our My Site Application Pool Identity.

Search for Device Manager and select the first result.

Browse down to Mice and other pointing devices, select, then right-click your mouse input and select Properties. If you have already downloaded the correct driver, you should Browse my computer for driver software. and the Internet for any driver updates, and install accordingly.

DU LIEST GERADE Fanfiction If you don't like this ship, Undertale, homosexual love, or a kinky and spooky skeleton, don't read. I grimaced at the monster and started to look at his distinct features. I could tell he was well, a 'he' because of his bone structure. The skeletons smile widened and he tilted his head slightly. Microsoft saw the need to continue to invest and enhance Share Point’s social networking capabilities, and as web 2.0 technologies continue to sprawl all over the world wide web, Microsoft have again successfully set the bench mark in the enterprise by introducing an array of social computing features to enhance end user collaboration in Share Point 2010.In my last article I introduced and configured our first service application for our Share Point 2010 deployment, User Profiles, which provided us with a central location for storing user details that will later be imported from a content source such as Active Directory.I loved engraving and hand making these special keepsakes for them.

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