Essential dating questions

I was tired of dating a new man and wasting weeks, even months, trying to figure him out. More importantly, I knew the traits and behaviors that I positively, absolutely to tolerate in a relationship. Is he talking about flying to Europe or selling his home and living full-time in a motorhome?

Sitting in front of a man on a first date, I wanted to know upfront a few important things — Does he have the qualities I’m looking for in a man? Will a home-on-wheels match your lifestyle expectations?

When my daughter became engaged, I went online seeking a good marriage compatibility test for them to take.

I wasn’t satisfied with anything I found, so I put together a questionnaire that I felt would be worthwhile.

If you know that something is important to you, you are fully within your right to ask your potential significant other about this information outright. Do you want a partner who is kind and compassionate?


Worried that you and your partner might not be on the same page? If he says he wants to travel extensively, ask where?


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