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I know that what I believe about the future shapes how I live today.

And the pastor’s statement caused me to ask two questions: How should the wedding supper of the Lamb shape the way I live today?



And if your career would fall into place at just the perfect time. I started lifting weights my sophomore year of high school. It had been almost two decades since I’d last encountered porn. Porn’s accessibility and widespread reach deeply grieves my heart.

“How can I be better prepared for marriage should God eventually bring someone into my life?

” As someone who serves in single adult ministry, I get this question often.

In one comment I was asked if it would be possible to display also thumbnail and post summary. I have installed this hack in my MS-potilas blog, which is in Finnish (you'll see the idea without understanding the language): Installing the hack You need to edit your blog's template. If you already have it loaded, you can leave the first line out of the hack.


Open blog's template, and put this code before If you have any previous hack for Newer/Older post links, remove it. Configuration You can configure the following javascript variables: max Summary Length - how many characters can summary text be older Link - contains the template for older link newer Link - template for newer link default Older Image - if older post has no thumbnail, use this image instead default Newer Image - if newer post has no thumbnail, use this image instead In older Link and newer Link templates you can use html and fields [title], [date], [datetime], [img], [thumburl], and [summary].

You can also edit the CSS to make everything look different.


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