Dating someone with different political views

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It could be just me, but no matter where you reside, politics seems to be a hot topic right now.

meets four women assessing potential dates on how they vote Once, talking politics was anathema to passion and ‘never ask someone how they vote’ was an etiquette mantra we all adhered to.

Scroll through Tinder, Happn, Once or Bumble today however, and you’re as likely to come across a declaration of political allegiance (‘No Tories please’ or ‘Lefties need not apply’) as you are a sarcastic one-liner or a career brag.

Or download the Candi Date app (where matches are based on political views) or try to find love on OKComrade, the left wing version of OKCupid.

Adam Hyde, editor of political news site Great British Politics, says, “Identity politics has been a key driver for young people of late and has strengthened the political dynamic to many relationships.

Many of us experience difficulty when it comes to navigating the challenges that arise out of the differences that we have with others, but that doesn’t mean harmony can’t exist where there is a difference of opinion.

If there is frustration about an issue, that level of frustration is often shared between the two of us as we realize the impact this election’s outcome will have on our family.

Too much too soon may eliminate people who would actually be interesting if things were taken at a slower pace. As we are dating, its appropriate to slowly, gradually and reciprocally share private information.

However, as things progress (hopefully they will), politics is an area you need to check out in order to determine compatibility. Discussing what is happening in the world politically is different than discussing your personal values. As we share vulnerable details and they are handled with respect, safety, and trust then we build intimacy. This issue isn't so much talking about politics but rather HOW we talk about politics.

Opportunities to find love, it seems, are suddenly being limited by where you put your cross on the ballot.

A glance at any Facebook feed proves that political discussion has reached an all-time high, especially among millennials.Where once young people wouldn’t care if a potential boyfriend or girlfriend told them they voted for say, the Tories, the impression that political affiliation defines social groups is now an additional barrier to relationships.” We’ve certainly become more assertive about who we support and why – especially since the last election.


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    As a founder of Ok Cupid I'm of course motivated to point out our competitors' flaws.

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