Dating sites for brainiacs ampeg b15n dating


Finding mates with IQ scores in the 98th percentile is so hard these days.

But, for Mensa members—with their memorized IQ scores—the dating pool just got a lot more selective.

Blog posting is big on this site too, and you can write as many posts as you like, following and commenting on messages that other members post.

Erudite eggheads who know their William Shakespeare (and, yes, their William Shatner).

Brainiac Dating is chockfull of features: games, badge-collecting, blog tools, flirt cards, friend-ing, instant messaging… you can even add music and videos to your profile page.

You can store up to 15 photos totaling 2MB to show off your sensible looks.

“American Mensa isn't just about encouraging adults to think,” the promotional copy on the new venture reads, it’s also apparently about encouraging them to make out.Brainiac's motto is: It's sexy to be smart.If you're looking to ditch the sexy photos and stick to a simple site where members value brains over brawn, Brainiac Dating (free to .99 for six months) should be at the top of your list of online dating sites.I just tried to deconstruct the logic of the questions and just came up empty. The Ok Cupid site did a lot better at using questions to help match people. Maybe this should be a reminder to anyone who smokes – it kills.

So for those of you who are dating and looking to live long and prosper, please don’t smoke. A partner’s sleep can influence our own, and vice versa. Wendy Troxel, a behavioral scientist at RAND and advisor to Sleep Rate, has shown that relationship conflict can spill into shared sleeping problems at night, which in turn can fuel even more relationship conflict the next day.

) and immediately came up with 30 promising candidates.


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