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However, this has not happened in the case of other Jewish authors, although a number of more or less explicit or implicit references to Medieval Arabic and Islamic philosophy have been found by modern scholars in many Jewish authors, active in the period 900–1500: among the most well-known of them, are Jacob al-Qirqisani, Isaac Israeli, Solomon Ibn Gabirol, Bahya Ibn Paquda, Abraham bar Hiyya, Joseph Ibn Zaddik, Moses Ibn Ezra, Judah Halevi, Abraham Ibn Daud, Moses Maimonides, Samuel Ibn Tibbon, Shem Tov Ibn Falaquera, Levi ben Gershom (Gersonides), Moses Narboni, and Hasdai Crescas.Usually, the discovery of these references has not driven modern scholars to arrive at even tentative conclusions about the real extent of this ‘influence’ and the ways of its spreading among Jewish authors, apart from some particular cases – for example, that of Arabic sources of 14-century Jewish logic in Provence (see Zonta 1997b). In French, however, "pédérastie" has been used as a synonym for homosexuality between adult males (see Histoire du mot pédérastie).Historically, pederasty has existed as a variety of customs and practices within different women i know do not like middle eastern men...i do like arab not really attracted to the ones from the levant..lebanese, palestinian,etc..are too pale...i think gulf arabs..yemenis, omanis, you not think black women are attractive..sure u do not like black women.r u here? Is the way we dress, our bodies (many of us workout a lot), our culture, our money, what is it? I'm talking about Jordanians, lebonese, Turkish (although now they are considered European) and so on.I think you are racist somalian women who tries and puts Arab males down because of our economic stance in the global market today.


I think you are racist somalian women who tries and puts Arab males down because of our economic stance in the global market today. But not sure who said they dont like black women but I swear every middle eastern man I meet falls for me.Due to the complexity of the theme and the substantial shortage of previous works especially and systematically devoted to it, a comprehensive, if not detailed, analysis of the ‘influence’ of Arabic and Islamic philosophy on Judaic thought should observe some limits.


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